•Commercial work and private commissions are both welcome.

•Before I begin working, I do require that you read and agree to the terms of service (TOS). This is to help with communication, this way both of us know what to expect out of the commission (prices, rights to the work, content, etc.). If you're interested in a commission, be sure to read through the TOS and process below.

1). After contacting me confirming that there is an open commission slot, you may send in your commission idea. A detailed description and/or clear, concise references are required. Usually I also send a few questions to help solidify what the image should look like, this is to make sure you get exactly what you're hoping for in a commission. I will also need to know where the Paypal payment will be coming from so I can keep track of who has paid. Please let me know if you would like to buy additional rights to your piece and if you would like the original or print sent to you- I will need this information to give you a correct estimate.

2). Once I get an idea of what the commission entails, we can agree upon a price. I'll send an estimate that includes the contact info, commission idea, and the total. Payment is due within the first three days of agreeing upon a price. Payment confirms that all information is correct, and confirms that you agree to the TOS.

3). Updates will be sent through e-mail as often as possible and as necessary. For commissions under $80, I generally do not send process sketches. However, for commissions over $80, I normally like to show the client process sketches. Revisions may be made in the sketch stage as well. Some projects may have work in progress updates (WIPs) that need your approval before moving on, so be sure to check your email often!

4). Once you approve the final piece, all applicable final files and/or pieces will be sent. I will send you a larger high res file along with a smaller, internet friendly watermarked version. For traditional paintings, prints of digital pieces, and pendants, I will let you know which day is the next shipping day. All shipping is done through USPS unless requested otherwise.

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