At a young age, Crystal Carpenter was inspired by the open spaces right across the street from her house in Colorado. The fields were alive with the chatter of animals. The mountains, fields, and lake always seemed to be changing into some new, breathtaking landscape. If the observer just looks close enough, nature provides never ending worlds to explore. These observations were what first sparked Crystal's interest in drawing, painting, and sculpting. To this day, she finds that the natural world is a huge source of inspiration, along with fellow artists, music, science, philosophy, spirituality, and storytelling. Since art seems to be a crossroad of these passions, eventually she decided to pursue a career in art.

Crystal went to school at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design for a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Illustration. While working for a degree in Illustration, Crystal took on private commissions, the majority of the subject matter being pets and characters in digital paintings. In 2009 she graduated from RMCAD and began working as a freelancer attending local conventions, and continued taking on commissions (both private and commercial work). She’s also fortunate enough to have learned resin casting in recent years, and has spent much time sculpting, casting, and painting resin figurines and pendants.

In the future, Crystal hopes to develop her casting skills in a variety of mediums, and to grow in the area of sculpting. And of course, the hope is also to connect with others through art, constantly exploring new fantastical worlds and ideas!

Pumba, a blue British Shorthair Cat, was a sort of muse for Crystal's art, long before Winter Soul Studios was even formed. He was a long time friend, companion, and guardian throughout her life. When she was a child, the thought of doing art for a living first took place when she had been watching and drawing him sleeping in the sun. Because of the joy and inspiration he brought, he will forever have a place amongst Crystal's art.

June 1995 - March 2012
In loving memory of Pumba.

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